Bug Squashing Party was organized by Debian and OpenLabs in Tirana last weekend (3,4 March 2018). BSP is a come-together of Debian Developers and Debian enthusiasts on a specified timeframe where these persons try to fix as many bugs as possible.

Unusually for tech events, in this one there were like 90% of women participating and I think if anyone saw us working together they would doubt that it was a tech event. As in other fields in general tech world is not an exeption when it comes for dicrimination and sexisem, but luckly for us in this event organized by our friend Daniel Pocock (from Debian) and OpenLabs Tirana that wasn’t our case.

We were a large group of computer science, students and graduates coming from Kosovo.

For me it was the first time in OpenLabs and I must say It was and amazing time meeting the organizers and members and working with them.

After the presentation about the Openlabs and it’s events we had some interesting topics and projects that we could choose to work on. Mainly, I worked with other girls into translating some parts of Debian text to Albanian, also we did some research for bugs into systems.

In the evning we had a nice dinner, in an Italian resturant in Tirana.

Discovering Tirana.